So, I´m back!
Made a card for Elinas birthday in November. Just want to let it out, and also a lady in my "neighbourhood" that turned 70 got her special card this week. The pictures in the botton of my blog, is cards that I´ve made for some colleagues of mine, that turned 50 this year. I´ve also made a huge card for my sister Birigt, who also turned 50 in March. When I have the time, or Elina have the time, we´ll make sure that you get some pictures of that card to. It´s about twice the size of the other 50´s.
Enjoy, though the backround is not the best.
And also a little bonus. A really sweet picture of GraceE, cleaning one of her paws, between her toes. Elina was also very thorough with her toes when she was a little girl...


Note holder

I did some scrapping a few weeks ago and made theese nice Notesholders. Hope that you´ll like them.
Until next time...

Christmas card for Elina

On Monday I started on Elinas Christmas card. I finished it on Thuesday, and I´m really satisfied with it. I can´t show it yet, though, because then she would see it too, and I don´t want her to see it in advance. We are going to have a cardmaking-evening at work in late November, and I already long for it.  :)
I have made some already in a new style, that I like. Well, maybe not 100%, but close. Still don´t like all cards that I make.
Well, I´m off to an early start two days now, so I´d better hit the sack now.
Until next time...
Good night!

Guest blogger - Elina

I'm Elina, Lilla Bodilla's daughter.

At the moment (September 28th 2011) I'm living in the US, pretty far away from my dear mom. I miss her terribly much and was so happy when I the other week recieved a little package in the mail from her. Of course, one of her special-beautiful-creative cards were inside and I just had to share it with you today! 

Isn't it amazing??


Thank you mom, I love you so much!

Lilla Bodilla

My blognamne goes way back. When I was just a small child, my mothers aunt who used to call me
"Lilla Bodilla", which means "Little Bodilla", gave me this huge doll, with blond curly hair.
For me it felt natural to call the doll that name too, and I loved her very much.
So, when most other names were already taken on this blog, I chose both mine and my dolls name.

For Elina

Away, Away!
To my love away.
Tell her I send her my Love and devotion.
Wide as the world is and deep as the Ocean.


A piece of me...

this is my Blog.
Never done this before, so it´s kind of an experiment.
I will write and publish pictures in time and when I have the time.
If you for any reason have found my blog, I hope you´ll like it, and that you´ll come back again.
Until then,

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

Lilla Bodilla

Crafts, scrapbooking, pictures and thoughts

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