So, I´m back!
Made a card for Elinas birthday in November. Just want to let it out, and also a lady in my "neighbourhood" that turned 70 got her special card this week. The pictures in the botton of my blog, is cards that I´ve made for some colleagues of mine, that turned 50 this year. I´ve also made a huge card for my sister Birigt, who also turned 50 in March. When I have the time, or Elina have the time, we´ll make sure that you get some pictures of that card to. It´s about twice the size of the other 50´s.
Enjoy, though the backround is not the best.
And also a little bonus. A really sweet picture of GraceE, cleaning one of her paws, between her toes. Elina was also very thorough with her toes when she was a little girl...


Note holder

I did some scrapping a few weeks ago and made theese nice Notesholders. Hope that you´ll like them.
Until next time...

Christmas card for Elina

On Monday I started on Elinas Christmas card. I finished it on Thuesday, and I´m really satisfied with it. I can´t show it yet, though, because then she would see it too, and I don´t want her to see it in advance. We are going to have a cardmaking-evening at work in late November, and I already long for it.  :)
I have made some already in a new style, that I like. Well, maybe not 100%, but close. Still don´t like all cards that I make.
Well, I´m off to an early start two days now, so I´d better hit the sack now.
Until next time...
Good night!

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