Julkort anno 2010

Lägger också in ett julkort från förra året, som Luleå Sportklubb fick. Jag hittade mina gamla Jesusbilder som jag i min ungdom hade i min Bibel, och ett av dem kom till återbruk på det här kortet. Tyvärr - åter igen hade jag bara mobilkameran till hands.

Ha det fint och njut av livet!


Riktigt gamla bilder och ett något nyare kommer här.
När Elina konfirmerades gjorde jag två tårtor. Vi beställde kavlad marsipan på ett konditori i stan och när vi hämtade dem, fann jag att storleken var mindre än utlovat och att färger inte heller var de utlovade. Jag kände mig mer än upprörd och insåg att det skulle bli knepigt att få till färgerna på dekorationerna. Elina valde och vi blandade efter bästa förmåga. Rosorna blev i alla fall vackra.  :) Den blåa tårtan gjordes med smörkräm, och den rosa hade grädde och smörskämsrosor.
Sedan gjorde jag rosor till en arbetskamrats syskonbarns konfirmationstårta. Tårtan gjorde min kamrat, men rosorna var alltså mina, och de var gjorda i Royal icing, som ska torka och bli hårda.
Hoppas att ni gillar dem.

Oskar, Erik och Kristian

De här korten gjorde jag till mina syskonbarn, som fyllde 18 år i februari. Tvillingar och Oskar är något äldre än sin bror Erik. Kristian fyllde 15 år i augusti. Inte så upphetsande kort, men jag tyckte om det i alla fall. Och man får ju inse att grabbar i den här åldern knappast bryr sig om hur kortet ser ut.
Bilderna är tyvärr fotade med mobilkameran och inte av den bästa kvalitén.

Jobbat som en slav...

Jag har jobbat fem kvällar på raken, tisdag till lördag. Har sovit gott i natt, men nu är det redan nästa natt.
Har börjat skissa på en påse som jag hoppas blir bra.
Men idag bjuder jag på en del gammal skåpmat. Nämligen bilder på ett kort som en kollega fick när han slutade på min arbetsplats, lite tags som jag gjort tidigare och annat smått och gott.
Håll tillgodo och ha det fint!

Ursäkta att kvalitén inte är den bästa. Jag har fotat detta med min mobilkamera.

Map Tri-fold Birthday Card for Mike

Elinas "hostfather" Mike´s birthday is coming up soon, and she asked me to make him a card. I checked out his facebook pictures and then come up with this idea for the card. I think that he´ll like it. He lives in Boston area, travels some and among other places, has visited New Zealand. And the jewel of the crone, is that he hunts "Bambis", and has even shot one once.  :)

Maybe you´ll recognize the little tiny Sweden, in brown stripes on the right side of the card. It´s the same paper as the backing of the card...hmm, I wonder if that´s the right word for it.  :)
Anyhow, hope that you´ll like the card.
Until next time - Have a very nice day!

Deacon turned 50

Once again I chose to scrap instead of tidying up my place. Well, I started picking up in the mudroom, skyped with Elina and then I made another card. A colleague of mine has a friend that recently turned 50. She is a deacon in Finland, and I thought that it would be nice to copy my colleagues deacon pendant and put it inside the card. So, we did, and it looks really nice, so nice that we decided to place it on the front of the card instead. You´ll soon get to see the result.
I Have to clean up some more in the mudroom and then check the morning prayer that I´m having tomorrow. Also I´m holding a lecture on an Alpha class tomorrow night. Did it once before, so I´m not very jumpey or nervous about it, but still. Last time it took about 45 minutes.
Thanks for stopping by...!


You might wonder about the "O"...
Well, I started selling Oriflame, a swedish costmetic brand, (not tested on animals) when Elina went to Boston.
So, I did a Christmas card that I have been longing to do for quite some time now.
At my work we have this punch that looks like Oriflames logo, and I have done this card using that punch and also in a new style. I don´t fancy my handwriting, but it´s the only one I have, so I had to use it.
I´m giving the card to the leader of my salesgroup in Oriflame. Hope that she´ll like it.
I´ve embossed foil for the inner circle in the "O"  and you can se little stars and sprinkles if you look closely.

You´ll also see a picture of my Crop-a-dile, that I got yesterday. Haven´t tried it out just yet. Maybe I will tomorrow. Need to find a nice project for it.

Should clean my apartment, but I don´t feel like it.  :)
There will always be another day for that!
Have a nice day, and thank´s for stopping by!

Valentine card

Yes, I know that it´s a bit early for Valentine card, but I was trying out a "Secret gate" card, and I needed double sided paper, and this cute one was the first that I saw. The paper is "kinda loveisch". Also got my Crop a dile today, but haven´t tried it just yet. Looking forward to it though.

Elinas card was made complete today. Finished all the embellishment and took pictures of it too, and I will post it on my blog at November 20th. Today you´ll only see tha Secret gate card. Not that found of it I must confess, but it was easy to make at least. Probably won´t do it again. Have this other project on my mind. It´s a round card, book style. Looks pretty fun to make and nice too.
Well, have to hit the sack in just a few moments, so...here´s the picture. Hope you´ll like them.
The frist is closed, second open, third is showing the secret door open, and last picture is back side. I used a brad heart to close the card. Works like a charm.
Thanks for stopping by.


Oh well, migrane today again. Got it on Thursday and finally, late this evening I got a break.
Been away on an education outside of Umeå. Two days again. It started in January, then in May, but i missed that time, because I was in Rome then. Again in August and this week. Finally in January 2012. I´m learning about leading volunteers in my job. :)

Had an accident on Thursday morning. It´s pretty dark outside now, mornings and evenings, and I was picked up by a friend, Sonja, in a 8-seated car. Put my bag in the back of the car and was going to close the tailgate.
Knocked myself in my forehead, because I didn´t see the end of the tailgate in the "dark".
NOT funny! Think thats how I got migrane this time. Still a little soar.

Anyway, it´s nice to be home and have the weekend off.  :)

Did some scrapping tonight, for a few hours. I did some cruising...hmm...misspelling...on youtube, trying to find some new inspiration.
Found a new type of card, and made one for Elinas 21th birthday, which is coming up soon. Just have to write on the card aswell, before slipping it into a mailbox. She´s leaving "her" other family in Oklahoma today, to start her new job in Boston.

Bed awaits, and pictures of the card will have to wait too. I don´t want to show it until Elinas birthday. ;)
Hope that you´ll have a nice day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Here I go again!

Back in my creation chair again. Saw this card and I had to make one for myself. Didn´t use cardstck though, and that made it almost impossible for the card to stand on it´s own. Had to remake it with the blue cardstck on the back of the card. It was pretty hard to take pictures, because the inner card was swinging all the time.  :)
It´s a different kind of Christmas card. Soft colours. This card is originally a swing card, but the lady who made it and showed it on her blog, made a mistake of cutting out the middle card completely. So she came up with this idea instead. I think that sour herring and different kinds of mold cheeses also was born from mistakes. (Still think that they are not born from mistakes, but ARE in fact the same!)
Won´t take up any more of your time. Here´s the pictures. I had to take lots of them, to show all different sides. Hope that you´ll like them. Have a nive day!

Romeo, Oh, Romeo

Three ladies and I went into Stockholm and Ericsson Globe, to see The Ladies Night performance on the 15th of October. We liked the show. Can´t post any nice pictures though from it. Just one of me going on the train into town and one of me in the Globe before the concert. But what about Romeo...
On the subway to the Globe we met this really cute couple, that had travelled to Stockholm to see Romeo and Juliet - only, she didn´t know where they were going. He had bought the tickets and planned the evening, just for her. And let me tell you - he really loves that girl.
He gave her this long look, that gave me gooesbumps all over. Bittersweet I might add. I was together with my husband for about 20 years, and he NEVER looked at me that way.
I do hope that that couple will last a lifetime. That look - full of Love for her. It was as if we were not even there. He only had eyes for her.  :) Hopefully they had a very pleasent night.

I also add a picture of Eleonora and Birgitta, in her new poncho that Eleonora knitted. Wounderful colours!
Anyway, I´ve had a very very nice long weekend with Eleonora, Marianne and Birgitta.
Thank you very much, for your company and friendship. Hope to see you´ll soon!

This computer and crappy internet is getting the best of me. Don´t know that´s wrong, but I`m cutting it close...
Cant add more then the first picture.   ;(

Good night!

FINALLY IT WORKS...but probably not for long...

Eleonoras pink bag

Once again, I have made a bag. This time for a dear dear friend of mine, Eleonora. Since she loves handbags and her favourite colour is pink, the choice was easy. Not sure if the pictures comes out completely right, but I hope.
Check out the sparkling star on the letter E in the first picture.

Hope you´ll like it and will have a nice day!

Failed again!

So, I failed again. Was going to clean up my apartment, but ended up scrapping. Not my fault though.  :)
A colleague of mine needed my help. Her mother turns 70 in a few days, and one of her sisters turns 40 a few days after that. Since I know that I won´t have the time to scrap for a few days, I got ahead and started already. It was hard finding the inner back wall for the 70´s card, but I finally found a paper with roses that blended in really well. The blue and dark pink "flowers" are cards that her children will write on, familywise. 7 siblings. The bag needed a dash of color, so the flowers did the trick. Light brown ribbon. The apricot paper with flowers is a bit shiny and the flowers is made of velvet. Still, a diamond shaped card awaits. A copy from the other day.

Have a good life!

Just had to...

Should have done other things this evening, but I started out trying to come up with a scrapped star, but neee...no good. Soo...what to do when I´m alreday in my scrapcorner.  :)  Aha, Christmas card. The color is soft blue, but seems pretty sharp in the computer. All colors blend togehter really well.
Also, this morning I improved the bag that I made yesterday. The snowflake looks much better now.
Hope you´ll have fun watching. Good night!


Finally got around to get all 50´s birthday cards in my computer. Most of the card is for my colleagues at work.
And here they are. Birgits card, the first one in green, is twice the size as all the others, but she is my sister, so...The last picture on her card is her at confirmation day many many years ago, and I´ve put vellumpaper on top of the card, barley letting her face show.
Max´s card, dark blue is not a college, but I was asked to help someone out with a card. Was not completely done when I took the picture, so it´s a bit boring. The final result was better.
I also post a card for a "college" in church who retired this summer, card with a "Y", and I just love the little birds flying around on the paper, and another who left for another job. That card was not yet done, and the purlpe M 50 got some butterflies after the picture was taken. None of the cards that I made for work has any greetings on them, since the boss wrote those after delivery.  :)
Oh, I must add that Elina helped me out advising and embossing. We had lots of fun during 48 hours.
Have fun watching!


Hi again, I just had to do some more scrapping. A college of mine is going to attend a wedding in December, and wanted me to do a nice card for the couple. This is the result. Hope that she will like it enough.  :)
Hope you´ll like it too. Never done a bag before, but it was easy. Embossed the lid both in the back and front. Winterwedding deserves snowflakes too i think. The heart is quite heavy and glued in the back behind a cover-up-paper. Of course the card fits inside the bag. Waste of time otherwise.

Walking with sticks

Back from out.  :)
Went for a one hour walk with my walkingsticks. We have this "healthpath" on Hertsön, where I live. It takes about one hour to get around. 5 km or 3,1 miles and a little more just to get there and back. Crispy air and 3,3 C or if you´d prefer F, its 32. Not that much...
Took me about 45 minutes to get warm. :)
Have to clean up a bit at home, but I can´t seem to focus on that right now. Trying to come up with some new ideas for scrapping cards. It would be cool to invent a project, not just copy others work all the time.

Have a nice day.
Until next time...

Correction and then some...

Welcome back!
After some ideas from Elina, I´ve changed my last craft, the Thank You box. She was right, the birds inside the box did not fit at all. I had other plans for the panels on the front at first. Anyhow, I have now improved the box, and will show you. Also, Elina wanted a box for herself, so I have made one more, that I hope she´ll (you´ll) like.  :)  Going out for a walk later on, trying to cure my migrane. Sigh sigh...

See ya!

Pyramid card and Thanksgiving box

Fun day, though migrane for a few hours. Finished the pyramid card.  :)
Also I saw this nice box on youtube, and I had to make it. It´s good for a greeting card, christmas card and you can put a gift card inside, or as I did, lots of small cards for writing down things that you are greatful for. Perfect for Thanksgiving as a gift to others or just to keep for yourself as a reminder of all the good things that happens to you.
Have a good one...

Halloween cards

Not that I like Halloween that much, but Elina wanted me to scrap cards for that occasion too. So, I did my best. Being swedish and pretty careful with my scrapping, it really shows that I´m Not living in US, but I like the cards even so.  :) Hope that you´ll like them too.
Thanks for dropping by...

Night movie

Good morning!
It´s about lunchtime for me, and I´m having brunch instead. Saturday and I´m free all weekend. Doing work in my garden, prep. for the upcoming winter. Got to bed leta last night, and when I was about to turn the TV off, this movie had just started - Radio. About a black young man and a football trainer in US years and years ago that turned out to be friends. The young man had never learn to read or write, and wasn´t "normal". The movie was based on a true story and in the end you could see the real people behind the charachters. Good movie, only, it ended bout 1.30 AM. Sleept until my cat, GraceE just had to get me out of bed, hungry as she was.  :)

Have a good one!

Finally friday!

Finally weekend. Forgot to shop for food, so I have to do that tomorrow, but that´s ok since I don´t work this weekend.
Sooo tired. Sleep tight all of you, or have a nice day!

Until next time...

Oh boy, what a day...

Worked late last night and overslept this morning. Never caught up during the day. Pretty glad anyway, but tired now. Cant wait for tomorrownight and weekend. Bought some details for halloween cards, so I´m going to attempt to make one tomorrow.
Until then, enjoy another Christmas card that I´ve made earlier. Same type as the 70s. Staircaselike.
I liked Santas face and the way he turned out in the card. Huge!
The stamp says: A really Nice Christmas and a Happy New Year
Nighty nighty...


After Skyping with Elina I decided to scrap some more. Have wanted to try to make a different kind of card ever since a saw one about a year ago. It´s called Neverending card.
I made it in a small size, still it needs a lot of scraps, and you fold it several times. Unfortunately I made a big mistake when I glued some of the scraps - they ended up upside down. I guess I´m Not perfect after all.
Oh dear...Oh well, thats life...
I´ll post the pictures for you to see. It was fun even though it turned out a bit wrong. To repair some of the damages, I made two of the four sides one way and the other two sides the other way.  :)
Hope that you´ll like this.
Nighty nighty...

There must be something wrong with me or...

Ok, I know that I have been scrapping a lot these past weeks, and putting them out for you to see.
I´m glad that my camera is a good one, so that the pic turn out nice. I made and photographed this card some days ago, and took it to my job, and then forgot where I put it. :) Found it today and took a pic. I had to remake it, since my first draft was so lame. Like it much better now. Chrispy white inside but deep blue and red/purple on the outside. Also made som tags for christmasgifts, but of course, tags can be placed on almost anything according to some people.
Rain in Luleå today but not chilly. The air smells cold though, if you understand what I mean. Hope that you had a good day, or will have one. Dinner awaits me...oh darn, I have to make it myself...sigh sigh...
Anyway, have a good one!

Couldn´t resist

Hi, it´s me again!
I couldn´t resist making another card for Christmas. I tried this before, but it didn´t turn out so good. But I saw a better tecnique on youtube and just had to try it again. The silvery paper is aluminum foil, folded about 4-5 times, to get sturdy.
You´ll se the result down below.

Today was a good day. Clear sky, clear shilled air, just a hint of ice on my car windshield this morning. Winter is whispering around the corner...

Have a good one you too!

More Christmas cards

It´s so much fun, this cardmaking business of mine.
The following cards I´ve made the other week.
First pic is a small Bonbonbox, or maybe you want to give away a diamondring?
Second pic is a cookiebox. I know, not so good looking, but I was just testing the tecnique, and didn´t want to spoil a good looking paper. Don´t like it so much, but I do like the idea though. Just make one and spice it up for X-mas. It will make a really nice going-away-gift. Just add a nice paper in the bottom and place your homemade cookies to go...
Third pic is the same as I´m giving Elina for Christmas, only not the same pattern and colours.
Fourth and fifth pic is a standing-up card that you easily fold when mailing it.
Sixth pic is also a kind of standing up card wich easily fold down.

Oh, and by the way...I´m pretty good in english, but the other day I asked Elina to check for mistakes, and she noticed that I wrote crapping, instead of scrapping...giggle giggle...  :)
Have a nice day...

And then you craft...

This weekend has been cosy.
Went to Skellefteå on Saturday (yesterday). Stayed up until 2 AM, in front of the TV.
Really tired, but got up a little after halv past eight this morning. So, pretty tired right now.
Been crafting all day, which you´ll see in the pictures below. Hope that you´ll like them.
Made one more card, but dont like it yet, need to add something. And I aslo started a new project making a pyramidshaped box. Not finished yet though.  :)

I dreamed of my mother last night. At first it was scary, before I saw that it was her. She was younger, like 50 something, and I said to her; But mom, you´re dead, you cant be here!
She didn´t take notice of that. Cant remember that we talked that much, we just spend time together a short while, and before I woke up , we were sitting in a church.
It was nice having her with me again, seeing her healthy and well.  :)

Ok, signing out. Enjoy the pictures.
If anyone want´s tuturial, I´ll post it on the Blog, or mail it.

Until next time...

Alfreds Confirmation


Alfreds confirmationday was August 28th 2011. He had been on a adventurecamp in Åre. Rockclimbing, crawling in narrow caves, riding downhill on smooth rocks using only a tiny sledding, and then landing in water. He says it was really fun. About 40 people went to the camp and they stayed there for 10 days. In church he was one of few who would tell us about what they had been doing. He also carried the processional cross in to the worship. After (!) the worship all teens got together outside(!) the church where they got there Bible.  Personally I find that strange, since it´s a big moment for older people, when their grandchild get their Bible, and also, I think that God and Gods word should be the center of the  worship. I just have to accept that I´m different from some priests... Anyway, nice weather in this happy day! God Bless Alfred.


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