So, I´m back!
Made a card for Elinas birthday in November. Just want to let it out, and also a lady in my "neighbourhood" that turned 70 got her special card this week. The pictures in the botton of my blog, is cards that I´ve made for some colleagues of mine, that turned 50 this year. I´ve also made a huge card for my sister Birigt, who also turned 50 in March. When I have the time, or Elina have the time, we´ll make sure that you get some pictures of that card to. It´s about twice the size of the other 50´s.
Enjoy, though the backround is not the best.
And also a little bonus. A really sweet picture of GraceE, cleaning one of her paws, between her toes. Elina was also very thorough with her toes when she was a little girl...


2011-10-01 @ 19:27:44

Längtar till julkortet! <3

2011-10-03 @ 13:02:42

That card, for my birthday, is great! Really great!

2011-10-19 @ 16:00:53

Thank you! It was tricky to make it, without a template. :)

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